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What is ReOrganizer?

It is a directorie's files reorganizer which works
under a filters control, it searches all the files
included on the source and its sub-directories and
sort them in folders depending on their extensions
and your filters specifications.

This tool will also inspect archives "[ZIP/RAR]"
for a specific files or strings as a signatures defined
on the filters definitions, for now it handels these two
standard formats as a real inspection and perhaps
in the future it will be updated to use others [TAR&ARJ,..]

By the latest version, the program will help you detect
media information specially for [.mp3/.wma] formats to
gather [Artist & Title] & to group them in folders under
your filters specifications.

Even if you want to group your images by their
specific resolutions (Lower/Higher), you have the
possibility to select the prefered resolution,
This applies for images that have these extensions :

Add to all of this the possibilty to rename applications
by the support of (*.exe;*.dll;*.ocx;*.cpl;*.scr) files
using the integrated version information about the
file to let you rename it using the order of the keys
of version's information you want,

The program handels also documents files like :
(*.doc; *.wri; *.xls; *.ppt; *.pdf) using predefined keys:
Title, Subject, Author, Comments.
You need to know that you have choice to select
perefered keys either for documents or executables
or media files with the possibility to use these
keys for grouping,

And for best results, the program will also check for
duplicated files, and you can select either to group
them in a directory or to delete them immediatelly.

It was developped as a tool to reorder the downloaded
files specifically for file grabers so it can saves a lot of time
specially if the number of the downloaded files is very important.
*To see a sample use of this program, consult demo video
on "HowTo.rar"

You may even override the present filters data base to use it
as a personal computer reorganizer specially if you are suffering
to reorder your personal documents.

Other Advantages,
The program has also a build-in parser that help you detect
unknown files formats, like (*.temp;*.dat;.. others that you specify)
to get their original formats & also re-inspect them at once.

Archives Extraction,
The program performs archives extraction for each perefered
signature; you have choice to select which of them will
be extracted either if they are encrypted;

For the encrypted archives, the program uses a smart
technics to extract passwords from even archives comments
or files names or either between brackets and much more.

Nowadays, we see that a lot of web sites store passwords
in archives comments, so they preceed them by an expression
that indicates the password, for this reason, the program
will let you enter these expressions to let him self doing
the job.

You must know that the program lets his passwords list
up-to-date by offering you an option to auto add the new
found password via comments or files names, so it will
not force you to add it manualy,

BatchTasks Treater,
By this integrated tool, you will have a full control of
your files, move, delete, generate multiple files tasks
creating and saving batch jobs as a compatible batch files.

You may use this tool, but at your own risk!;
i will not be liable to any loss of data, profits,
or any damage that causes this program.

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