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Before Starting Download !
When you start downloading & the Save Dialog appears on your
browser, add .zip to your file name so you can extract its contents.
The files also includes .rar archives; so you need WinRAR
or a capable program to extract them.

If download fails, or you are redirected to another web page,
retry by: Save Target As or try InternetExplorer
instead of your browser, FireFox, Opera, Others, may have troubles with that,
If you have troubles to download separate files, try ALL IN ONE
to download from another website.

ALL IN ONE (MediaFire): Download Size: 2.78 MB

The ALL IN ONE file includes: the program with dvb filters,
the source code, and the demo video.

the new releases of the program are allways
explained on the news section.

'FILTERS DB' folder must remain in the same directory as 'Reorganizer.exe' !!

Demo Video (MediaFire) Download Size: 244 KB

Source Code (MediaFire) Download Size: 355.48 KB
The file includes a Delphi project source code,
which allows you to amiliorate/re-adapt the program to feet your
personal needs.
The version of the source is allways the latest as the release.

The program was tested on Windows Millennium & Windows XP
and works fine, hope that works on others: Win9x/NT & Vista/Seven.

(WINDOWS XP-SP2 & SP3 Tweaks 07-2010) Boost Your OperatingSystem
(MediaFire) Download Size: 5.37 MB

(WINDOWS Se7en Tweaks 07-2011) Boost Your OperatingSystem
(MediaFire) Download Size: 33.54 MB

(What does it costs?)
Nothing ;)

(Multi-Language Support)

If you are able to construct or to revise a language file,
send it to me, and i will include it in the new releases.

(How to Update a Language File)

To upgrade a language file, select english, close & re-open the
program and load your favorate language file first then
save it as a new language file, then open your *.ini
file with a text editor like "notepad" and check new keys.

If you want to create a new one, save default english language
to a file and try your translation,

Available Languages : English, French, Arabic.