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v.0.6.5 - 16/09/2009 [RELEASED]

+ Updates & Fixes

+ Fix when ESCAPING from RAR process and files names were encrypted
+ Adding an option to use the only active passwords

+ Small update when using (files names, and directories)
for sniffing archives passwords.

+ bug fix on RawDataCopier (I/O error, when file is
being used by another process)

+ adding an option to capture files with a conditioned file size
(this will help if you want to organize only larger files)

+ fixing exception "can't open zip due to sharing violation"

v.0.6.4 - 07/09/2009 [RELEASED]

+ Updates & Fixes

+ OemToAnsi conversion of certain *.zip files while renaming.
+ Extending archives renaming:
adding a possibility to use the first file name in archives
when they don't have a predefined filter signature.

+ Other Fixes,

v.0.6.3 - 04/09/2009 [RELEASED]

+ Updates

+ Renaming PDF files is now faster than old versions,
* Small fix when detecting original *.msi format,
+ Adding 04 additional methodes for sniffing passwords from archives,
* Now you have "24" decryption methode.

+ Adding 02 ESCAPE steps when sniffing ZIP & RAR archives,
1st ESCAPE to skip Password list and force search methodes,
2nd ESCAPE to Halt Decryption process,

+ Adding minimize to traybar,
+ Adding an option to rename archives with the found filtered signature,

(enable only if you are using file graber that does not rename archives)

v.0.6.2 - 28/07/2009 [RELEASED]

+ Small Fix

* Bug fixed, when calling to gather all duplicates with their
orginals AFTER a selection on the Duplicated LIST,

v.0.6.1 - 15/07/2009 [RELEASED]

+ Updates

+ Adding possibility to exclude files extensions from
reorganization process,
Explanation :
* Some times errors occurs while grabing data using
DVB FILE GRABER, and then it deletes files after a while,
* Now by performing organization in the main directory where
the Graber saves temporary data files, and by excluding
only (*.temp) files, and letting ReOrganizer catch those
files which will be deleted soon, it will save and parse
and filter those files directly whithout any effort!
The time out used to delete files in FileGraber must not
be lower than the cycle used in ReOrganizer.
And also the ReOrganizer must not be interrupted.
(You can run more than one instance of ReOrganizer if you
want to use other features,)
+ Adding possibility to fix documents files extensions of :
(doc, xls, ppt).

+ Small Fixes,
* Hiding process dialog when comparing partial data and the
size is lower than 10MB for faster execution.
* Revision of RAW DATA COPIER,
(files higher than 1GB) time selection bug fixed,
(Adding data to other files) bug fixed;
(Copy/Pause) bug fixed,
* Some internal code fixing,

* This version requires an update of your language file,
For more, please refer on the download section at
the bottom of page to know how to create or update,

v.0.6.0 - 04/07/2009 [RELEASED]

+ Updates

+ Adding "RAW DATA COPIER" tool,
with this tool, you can extract data from your files and
create a new files, it can be used to split you media files,
or extract a small sequences as a clips.
+ Adding new filter entry, "Checking partial data size and CRC32"

For example, you have many files which allways begin with the
same sequences of data, and you want to group them or delete them.

1. first you need to take a file that have these sequences of
bytes, than open it in "RAW DATA COPIER" as the source.
2. then, you need to select the amoung of data starting from
zero (you can not start from another area, because the
program will test files only from the begining!);
3. if you are trying to track media files (audio/movies)
then you can use time factor to select the appropriate
4. copy data to create a new file,
5. select the new filter entry and get file identity of the
resulting file.

* This version requires an update of your language file,
For more, please refer on the download section at
the bottom of page to know how to create or update,

v.0.5.9 - 17/06/2009 [RELEASED]

+ Updates & Features
+ Adding a new methode to search all duplicated files by
collecting files identities first,
this will reduce crazy disk access and (can) gain time
specially for files with the same size,
+ Adding possibility to search for all partial duplicated files.
+ Adding possibility to export batch list as an html file,
+ Adding features to sort items and remove duplicates from lists,
+ Extending possibility to move items with blocks in lists,
+ Adding possibility to select attributes search files
in batch tasks treater,
+ Adding feature to import and export dictionary passwords
text based files directly from the archives manager,
+ Small Fixes,
* Fix when typing directories on manual actions
and batch tasks treater,
* Other fixes,
* This version requires an update of your language file,
For more, please refer on the download section at
the bottom of page to know how to create or update,

v.0.5.8 - 04/06/2009 [RELEASED]

+ Updates (Manual Actions),
- When you need to check the all duplicated files on your drive,
you may use (Extend Search) to choose between two tasks:
1) if you enable Extend Search, then every collected file which
have any extension, it will be used for check!
2) if you disable Extend Search, then the program will select
the appropriate extension for every file!!

Resume: if you disable Extend Search, you can gain a lot of
time in checking your files, but if you enable it, you will
force the program to track any possible duplication of your
files. (now it is up to you to select the appropriate one)

v.0.5.7 - 02/06/2009 [RELEASED]

+ Small Fixes,
* File Information Manager : PDF renaming check,
* Fix when selecting root directories on manual actions
and batch tasks treater,

v.0.5.6 - 01/06/2009 [RELEASED]

+ Small Fixes,
* File Information Values ReInitialization Bug Fixed!
* Replacing unvalid chars of multimedia files by replaceable char
while renaming;

v.0.5.5 - 31/05/2009 [RELEASED]

+ Updates,
* Update with a new passwords detection methodes for zip/rar archives,
* Adding a force methode on some encrypted RAR archives which escape time to time,
* Adding rar archives with encrypted files names support (using password list force only)
->because no such names reading is possible,
->bad encrypted rar archives will fail either to be extracted or sniffed!
* Adding *.pdf files rename support, (detection speed depends on files size) with a possibility to select perefered keys,
Attention, not all of the *.pdf files can be renamed,
the program will try a simple algo to detect tags from the files,
and the encrypted values will not be used, but HEX values can be handeled!
* Promption to clear batch list from filter dialog after adding filters,
* Adding possibility to remove none existing files from Batch List
* Adding a new Manual Action to search files in Archives using a specified text definition and also the archive size and date and time,
* Adding a feature to rename files in Batch List with a specified extension,

+ MinorFixes,
* Fix of files count after loading files list,
* Fix of -update check- batch list in "Duplicated List Dialog"
* Fix of disk read error while reading document infos
+ Some code revisions and algo optimizations to speed up process,

v.0.5.4 - 23/05/2009 [RELEASED]

+ Updates,
* Adding documents renaming support,
this task will rename : (*.doc; *.wri; *.xls; *.ppt) files
using these informations : Title, Subject, Author, Comments.

* Possibility to group : (Media, Documents, Executables)
by using a perefered predefined key from used keys,

* Possibility to select perefered keys and order for:
Executables, Media and Documents files,

* Adding *.msi files renaming support as executables,
Attention, these files will not use executables file version,
but doc information instead, so the only keys which will
be used is as defined above about documents files,

* Manual Actions
- Adding possibility to search directories for all duplicated files,
plus a feature that can help you view each file with its personal
- possibility to project result to BatchTasks Treater,
add to all of that a file report generation in two formats,
one in text file, other in html.

+ Log file can now be generated in html format,

+ Adding parameters support, (to add files to batch list only)

this line will add automatically [myfile] to the batch list
without runing the program for use,
Attention, only the first parameter will be accepted!,
and the task will run in silent mode, no messages at all,
You can also install SHELL menu from BatchTasks Treater,

+ Critical Fixes,
* BatchTasks Treater commands options bugs fixed!
* Many important Fixes,

NB! There are some Encrypted RAR archives which still fails
either for an extraction or a sniffing process, this may be due to
an internal library error or a corrupted archive data.

Attention!, Update of your language file is required! For now only three languages are available, so if you want to use yours, please read how to create a language file on the donwload section at the bottom of page,

Available Languages : English, French, Arabic.

v.0.5.3 - 11/05/2009 [RELEASED]

+ Fixes,
* Critical Internal Fix @ Parser : (file name bug)
* Added detection of RAR archives with Encrypted files names,
detection only, searching for passwords or extraction of
archives are not supported yet!!
these archives will also be marked as a bad archives since
no file listing is possible :-(

v.0.5.2 - 10/05/2009 [RELEASED]

+ Updates,
+ Adding execution control (Wait For Close) in BatchTasks Treater,
+ Adding manual tools, extracting/sniffing archives, renaming
media & images & html files, parsing files.
+ Adding a summary log statistics about passwords updates,
filtering & deleting files, and saved disk space,
+ Critical Fix (Full Path Bug Fixed!)

Attention!, Update of your language file is required!

v.0.5.1 - 30/04/2009 [RELEASED]

+ Features & Updates,
+ Adding BatchTasks Treater,
This is a solution for a batch list treatment of a couple of
files, it offers many options that help you create a compatible
*.bat or *.cmd files, and even execute them directly.

+ Adding Partial Duplicated files detection, (Slower)
This option will let you group or delete uncompleted duplicated
files; ex: you have downloaded a file several times (many files)
but only one was complete, so with this option you can
exterminate those who are not.

+ Adding a small manual tools that help compare single files,
search for a duplicated/partial-duplicated of a selected file.

+ Adding CRC32 file checking, (a new solution for unwanted files)
This option will be used only on filtering, but it will be
useful when the filter creteria does not exist or not enough;
ex: you need to delete a specific files which allways remain
in your directory, such as video clips, mp3 sounds, other
binary based files and the name is not the same & every time
you need to reorganize your files they will figure at least
once 'when we delete duplicated', but sometimes we do not
need them at all and we want to delete them for once,
The solution is to compare files sizes & CRC32 values, and
it will just compare these two values to the files you need
to track them and without copying the wanted files at all,
as a result, you can benefit from your disk space, ;-)

* So the program will try first to check the file size, and
if it is the same then it will proceed to compare the saved
CRC32 value in the filter with the CRC32 value of the actual
file, and if they are the same then the action you selected
will be executed (even : to keep / or to delete),

* Filter format has beed changed due to the new added option
of file CRC checking,

* To add a filter using an identity of a file size and a CRC32
value, enter filter dialog, & select text definition as you
can proceed, then choose a file, the values will be viewed
as a read-only, finally add as you prefer to keep or delete.

* You must know that you can halt files check by hitting ESC,
but this will be enabled only when files are greater than 10MB.
the halt procedure will also work during reorganization process,
so make sure what are you doing ;#)

* for this version, the upgrade of your language version will
be needed, to upgrade, select english, close & re-open the
program and load your favorate language file first then
save it as a new language file, then open your *.ini
file with a text editor like "notepad" and check new keys.

+ Adding a new methods to sniff passwords from archives,

+ Adding a log while an update is performed for password list,
also while sniffing for passwords,

+ Adding HTML renaming feature using title tag,

+ Adding JPE & JFIF extensions as a JPEG format for filtering,

+ Small Fixes

v.0.5.0 - 21/04/2009 [RELEASED]

+ Updates
+ Adding multi-language support,
+ Small Fixes
* Fix of the names of files after parsing them,

v.0.4.9 - 16/04/2009 [RELEASED]

+ Updates
* Adding a feature to select filters from another signature
via filters dialog popup menu,

* Adding possibility to group files under minimum file size
for signatures; (Check "Action To Execute" On Signatures Dialog)

* Adding possibility to sniff passwords from archives
without extraction, this action will remain as the default
for all signatures, so if you want to extract select
"Use Archives Manager" instead from signature manager,
and of course your extraction condition.

* The program will now handel duplicated files,
so they will be moved to the "Dupplicates" directory;
and you can check "delete duplicated files" if you want
to delete them immediatelly.
* the duplicated files will be checked into the target only,
and you can choose if the target will be recursed to check
duplicates or not.

* There is a progression for duplicatated files check,
but it will appear only when files are greater than 10MB.
this will let the program runs faster because small files
progression waste a lot time specially if their number
is more important,

* Adding a detailed extraction progress for archives,
now you will see the exact number of methods being used
while trying to extract archives, plus the elapsed and the
remaining time for the active action.

+ Critical Fixes:
* Fix of (*.exe;*.dll;*.ocx;*.cpl;*.scr) files names
while retriving version information,
(deletion of " - " while empty or blank)
* Fix of "Goto/MoveTo" while values out of bounds,
* Couple of critical fixes,
* Adding a log while ZIP DLL raises exceptions or fails to
treate zip archives.

v.0.4.8 - 31/03/2009 [RELEASED]

+ Adding Hex Converter Tool,
By this tool you can perform necessary conversions between
ASCII & HEX to bring you the signatures easily & comprehensive,
* To access this tool enter files parser, or run it directly via
the popup menu of HexViewer,

+ Adding Executables Manager,
With this manager, you can specify how to rename executable
files using predefined version's keys & selecting the only
keys you wanna use with the order you want, the resulting
file name will also includes ( - ) between keys,
* The concerned extensions are: (*.exe;*.dll;*.ocx;*.cpl;*.scr)
* To use this feature, you must check (rename option) from
the Executables Manager.

+ An idea to keep passwords list order up to date, this will
let the extraction of the encrypted archives runs faster,
specially if the active password still with the next archives
during extraction.
* There is an option that lets you do this, so if you are not
interested, so uncheck this option (Reorganize passwords list
for the active & the fresher) from archives manager.
* if you need this without saving the new order, uncheck
(Save reorganized passwords list order on exit) from archives
* You will have also the possibility to specify the top active
passwords on your passwords list,

Attention, You can even cancel passwords tests during the
extraction of the encryted archives on-the-fly by hitting ESC.

+ A new option on list's popup menus to search for a specified
item, & this either for an exact item or an included text!

+ Now you will have the ability to specify the name of the folders
where the "Encrypted & Bad" archives will be placed to.

Attention, bad archives are generally failed to be read by
the program, so the returned number of files is allways zero,
but you can try your favorate archives extracter such as WinRAR.

+ Bug FIX on unzip dll during the exraction of encrypted archives.

v.0.4.7 - 05/03/2009 [RELEASED]

+ Internal FIX for *.ini files to support files higher than 64KB
+ Tests of existance for modified items on lists,
* Focusing items when editing lists,
* The lists of passwords & indicators will Load only when
needed to keep the program runing faster,
+ Password test progression during extraction,
and you can even halt extraction by hiting ESC button;

v.0.4.6 - 21/02/2009 [RELEASED]

+ Bug Fixes
RAR: bad archives (FIX of Freezing)
ZIP: Dir structor recreation on extraction,
ZIP: Deletion of trash files after extraction,

v.0.4.5 - 16/02/2009 [RELEASED]

+ Archives Manager (Update)
+ Password extraction between brackets ( ), [ ]
+ Password extraction from files names
+ Possibilty to select files to check for passwords
+ Using case sensitive & upper case & lower case check
+ Option to add famous 'www.' for files names to detect passwords
+ Bug Fixes
Fix for Text Definition in signatures filters,
Many important fixes,

v.0.4.4 - 13/02/2009 [RELEASED]

+ Handeling ZIP archives to extract & to retrive PassWords
from Archive Comments as RAR archives,
+ Now using a new signatures format,
to choose which singnature will try an archive extraction,
+ Log information when a new password is either found or
+ Some Fixes

v.0.4.3 - 02/02/2009 [RELEASED]

Retriving PassWords from Archive Comments,
Small Fix (Archives PassWords Saving)

v.0.4.2 - 31/01/2009 [RELEASED]

+ FIX,
Retriving PassWords from Archives Comments,

v.0.4.1 - 24/01/2009 [RELEASED]

+ Archives Manager,
Now, you can select an option for archives, extract,
keep, extract protected or non-protected, supply passwords,
For now Only RAR archives can be treated,
ZIP archives are not handeled yet,
New Parser Signatures Format,
Some code addition to edit signatures correctly.
+ Bug fixes,
Multi-RAR-Volumes can now be filtered.
Small Fix (Parser Settings)

v.0.4.0 - 21/01/2009 [RELEASED]

+ Controls
Controling while entering new data; signatures, filters,..
to prevent redundant records on database.

v.0.3.9 - 11/01/2009 [RELEASED]

Separated Signatures Files
All the filters must be in the 'FILTERS DB' folder
in the same directory as 'ReOrganizer.exe'
+ Directory Missing Bug Fix after entering HexViewer
+ Fixed Filters Order, Plus Search Optimization (time gain)
The amount of bytes used as a buffer to parse files is
about 50 bytes, so you can select the first option so
the signature must be these 50 bytes starting from position 1,
or try other options which test only if your signature is
included in the amount of your selected bytes to detect.
+ Other Fixes

v.0.3.8 - 21/12/2008 [RELEASED]

Adding Multi-Hex-Viewer for better view,
Possibility to jump up between items on the lists.
+ Small Fix for Hex-Viewer.

v.0.3.7 - 20/12/2008 [RELEASED]

*Adding Hex-Viewer for files parser,
Now you will have the possibility to open files in HEX-Viewer
to copy the necessary infos about signatures.

v.0.3.6 - 16/12/2008 [RELEASED]

*Possibility to inspect non-archived files for signatures.
*Possibility to detect unknown files such as *.temp files
for correct signatures & rename them to their original
+ Small Fixes
+ Update for filter & signature data base.

v.0.3.5 - 11/12/2008 [RELEASED]

*Possibility to halt organization process immediatelly.
*Re-Detection for availability of the files while moving.
*Fix of file violation exception on some WM video headers.
+ Update for filter & signature data base.

v.0.3.4 - 21/11/2008 [RELEASED]

* Now you can insert items in filter at your desired position!
* For replaceable char, it conserns the unsupported characters for renaming files like ('?',':',..), it also conserns the files which have the same name so the program will preced the new one by adding a number & the replaceable char. so now you can choose to add your perefered one like "!". unsupported chars are: ['?',':','/','\','|','<','>','*','"']
+ Possibility to delete corrupted images,(check images filter)
+ Searching media infos is on this Order, for better results: [Artist, Title, Album, Comments, URL, Genre].
* there are *.mp3's which are still unrecongnizable !
Important Fixes:
*oem strings on both *.rar/*.zip files can now be identified!
*some optimisations to use less memory & CPU usage.
*bug fixes for signatures treatment.
+ Update for filter & signature data base.

v.0.3.3 - 10/11/2008 [RELEASED]

+ Feature:
Now you can insert items in filter at your desired position!
+ Small FIX:
Signatures keeps order now in "ReOrganizer.ini" file, plus a control to save signatures & accessing filters was added.
+ Update for filter & signature data base.

v.0.3.2 - 05/11/2008 [RELEASED]

+ Correction of CHARS on media information for both Win9x/NT.
+ Update of ID3Tag, now using v2.4
+ Handeling uncompleted files (*.temp;*.temp206) & *.dat files,
-Checking for Archives & Media Infos (mp3&wm audio only)-
+ Extending images filter (check IMAGES FILTER dialog to see)
+ Possibilty to clear log after each refresh.
+ Serious FIXES on sign definitions.
+ Update for filter & signature data base.

+ Exceptions Fix:
* Invalid floating point
* TProgressBar out of range >Report any bugs, either if it stills raise these exceptions.
NB: the only attended exception is external, which generally occurs when the program is Abnormal terminated; so to correct this problem, close program & delete these two files (ID3v2.4.dll;unRAR3.80.dll) from "Windows\Temp"

v.0.3.1 - 01/11/2008 [NOT-RELEASED]

+ Feature!
Possibility to group/delete JPG/JPEG/GIF/BMP files depending on their resolution.
+ FIX: Test of other archives using ASCII_Search_Methode.
+ Update for filter & signature data base.

v.0.3.0 - 31/10/2008 [NOT-RELEASED]

+ Feature!
Unrecognized (*.dat) files will now be analized as possible as to be detected for [zip/rar] signatures.
+ ASCII_Search_Methode is now Faster than old routine.
+ Update for filter & signature data base.

v.0.2.9 - 30/10/2008 [NOT-RELEASED]

+ FIX: Zip Password protected files are now possible to be identifed & filtred.
+ Update for filter & signature data base.

v.0.2.8 - 30/10/2008 [NOT-RELEASED]

+ [Text Definition] (addition): Text can be either identified as an extension or a part of it, or the exact file name.
+ Update for filter & signature data base.

v.0.2.7 - 25/10/2008 [RELEASED]

+ Possibility to select the definition of text to search on files, & this search your signature to be identified either as a text included or equal the file name or as an extension of it & other criteria (see "Text Defintion" on sign dialog).
+ Duplicated files are preceded by: "x_" where x is the repeatition.
+ New format for the signatures & filters due to the new idea.
+ Update for filter & signature data base.

v.0.2.6 - 23/10/2008 [RELEASED]

+ BUG FIX: [when deleting signature, problem of filter reference]
+ BUG FIX: [logging status]
+ Update of filter & signature data base.

v.0.2.5 - 14/10/2008 [RELEASED]

+ Searching media infos is on this Order: [Genre, Artist, Title, Album, Comments]
+ Added ENTER key to run search on sign form
+ Added Self List ReOrdering [Maintain SHIFT & Move] On sign & filter forms
+ BUG FIX: [when deleting filter keys]

v.0.2.4 - 09/10/2008 [RELEASED]

+ Adding FILTER:
Now, you can specify for every signature the wanted & unwanted files & group every one by creteria to its own folder. this option works only on [Archives/MEDIA] files, & it does'nt affect other extensions.
+ BUG FIX: [START/STOP]; when working & the user tries to stop reorganization, program continue inspecting the collected files until action is done;
So now, you stop & the program immediatelly HALT the search.

v.0.2.3 - 05/08/2008 [NOT-RELEASED]

+ Grouping files depending on their size
+ Possibilities to (Keep/Delete/Group) for found files by selecting your appropriate action.

old versions are not released, they are a test versions.